Im too anxious,in the past my brother play football he kicked the ball to Guanyin statue i don't know he is intent or not did he committed shedding the blood of Buddha sin? the statue did not break

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To my knowledge, there is no blood in a statue. Therefore, the soccer ball your brother kicked did not shed the blood of a Buddha. Buddha statutes are representations of the Buddha rather than the Buddha himself.


I think that the five anantarika-karma are described in AN 5.129:

Murdering your mother or father or a perfected one; maliciously shedding the blood of a Realized One; and causing a schism in the Saṅgha.

The same phrase is used in AN 6.87:

They murder their mother or father or a perfected one. They maliciously shed the blood of a Realized One. They cause a schism in the Saṅgha. They’re witless, dull, and stupid.

The phrase translated there as, "they maliciously shed the blood", includes duṭṭhena cittena -- i.e. something like, "evil-minded" (see duṭṭha and citta).

Some people interpret or expand on "shedding blood" as including, "harming the dharma" -- for example, by destroying sutras.

  • Which people say shedding blood is burning books? Nov 5, 2023 at 11:16
  • I think that is what is behind the OP -- i.e. a doctrine about 'harming the Dharma', by for example destroying sutras or even statues -- which, I suppose is related to doctrine about the dharmakaya. I presume it's a tradition or country other than Theravada -- the OP also mentions Guanyin. Although as an aside re Theravada, the Pali suttas include the last paragraph of SN 22.87 which seems to equate (seeing) the Buddha's person with the Dhamma.
    – ChrisW
    Nov 5, 2023 at 13:37

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