I'd like to read the context for the following quote from Ajahn Chah:

I want those who train with me to see the truth, not just read the scriptures. I want them to see if their hearts have been completely liberated from conceptual thinking.

It's from a calendar (October 2016) put out by forestsangha.org.

Also, an explanation of the meaning of the statement would be very welcome.

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It seems to come from "Unshakeable Peace" by Ven. Ajahn Chah, though not verbatim. You can read the full dhamma talk on that link.

When I train my disciples, I train them to practice like this. Because I want them to see the truth, rather than just read what's in the scriptures; I want them to see if their hearts have been liberated from conceptual thinking.

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    Thanks so much. A footnote says: "This same Dhamma talk by Ajahn Chah was formerly printed as a different translation under the title The Key to Liberation." That translation says: Whenever I teach the monastic community, I teach that way – because I want you to see the truth. I don’t want you just to see what’s in the books. I want you to see for yourselves, in your own minds, whether you have been liberated from your defiled thoughts or not. Commented Feb 7, 2023 at 18:36

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