If my memory is correct, Lord Buddha did a sermon for the long-distance people. It is mentioned that Lord Budha can do a sermon even for someone in another solar system. How is it possible? Because to travel sound to long-distance takes time(possibly years). Can someone give me an answer with references from Tripitaka?

  • I believe the Buddha is often said to have visitors, either celestial bodhisattvas or gods. either could be construed as visionary experiences, rather than aliens i mean. can't recall him ever leaving India, though it's sometimes said his buddha body manifests in other worlds.
    – user19950
    Sep 18, 2022 at 23:22

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3 points:

  1. Lord Buddha did not give any long-distance sermons.

  2. Not all stories are to be taken literally.

  3. I cannot give you any reference for something that did not happen.

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