According to this website, it says...

The Buddha classified persons into four kinds on the basis of one’s attitude towards one’s own interest and one’s attitude towards the interest of others.

I started source text research and I found this website, using the search word of

attahitaya ca patipanno parahitaya ca

The website says its source text is

Sutta Pitaka Vol 13 : Sutta. Aṅ. (2): catukkanipāto 96

But I could not find such text on SuttaCentral.

Does anyone know the correct index of the text?

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AN 4.95

one who practices to benefit both themselves and others
attahitāya ceva paṭipanno parahitāya ca

There's more than one numbering system, as you can see here, for example AN 4.95 and A ii 95

AN 4.95: Chavalata Sutta — Wood from a Pyre/The Firebrand {A ii 95}

See also Tripitaka Section Numbering

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