I am a Buddhist from Thailand. I have a question about pali meaning. In ceremony, we swore to follow the five rules of pancasila. Monk told us what pancasila consist of. Then monk said in pali;

Imani panca sikha patani.

Silana sukating yanti

Silana poka sumpata

Silana nipputing yanti

Tusama silang wiso ta ye

I'm not quit sure whether I translate the above to English word correctly. Do you have this chants in your country? What are these chants called? Any reference to this chant? How to spell it in English and what is the meaning of it.

I already searched in Thai language but I want to expand to English as well. It's quit hard to write Pali in English. Here is the meaning I found in Thai.

As you follow these five rules, you will have good place to go(next life). You will become wealthy. And you may go to nirvana.

I want to compare its meaning from many source especially "ni-pu-ting" in last sentence that referred to nirvana. I don't quit agree that it is the same thing.

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    "Do you have this chants in your country?": I'm from Sri Lanka and these chants are not used.
    – Sampath
    May 27, 2022 at 15:11
  • @Sampath, Thank, maybe not all theravada has this chant
    – M lab
    May 29, 2022 at 10:51


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