Are there any commentaries in the pali cannon on The Iddhipāda-Vibhaṅga Sutta -- An Analysis Of The Bases Of Power (SN 51:20). And in general, what are some sources for the commentaries, obviously in pali but also in english. (If only in pali, a preference to be able to locate and navigate without knowing much pali.)

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I haven't found a traditional Pali commentary on this yet but here is a modern commentary by Piya Tan: Iddhipada Vibhanga Sutta (SN 51.20).

Piya Tan usually refers to multiple sources including the traditional commentaries, to write his own.


Abhidhamma Iddhipada Vibhanga

Visuddhimagga (search under 'roads to power')

Malaysian scholar Piya Tan usually has references to Commentaries: Iddhi,pāda Vibhanga Sutta

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