I need a list of all the people mentioned in the Pali canon who were in the story of the historic Gautama the Buddha. For e.g. Angulimal, Ananda etc. I did a google search for the same but did not find the answer. Also, if you can provide sutta reference for their mention that will be great.

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Please try AccessToInsight (ATI)'s Index of Proper Names.

On this page, please search for the following phrases:

  • "Buddha's"
  • "of the Buddha"

You will find phrases like "Buddha's father", "Buddha's cousin", "son of the Buddha", "Buddha's first meditation teacher", "half-brother of the Buddha", "Buddha's chief personal attendant" etc.

The ATI page will provide sutta references, if available.

For a description, please next refer to Palikanon's Buddhist Dictionary of Pali Proper Names.

For example, on the ATI page, you can find:

Suddhodana (Buddha's father): Sn 3.11

Then on Palikanon:

  • Suddhodana

A Sākiyan Rājā of Kapilavatthu and father of Gotama Buddha.

He was the son of Sihahanu and Kaccānā. His brothers were Dhotodana, Sakkodana, Sukkodana and Amitodana, and his sisters were Amitā and Pamitā.

Māyā was his chief consort, and, after her death her sister Pajāpatī was raised to her position (Mhv.ii.15f.; Dpv.iii.45; J.i.15, etc.).

and it continues with further description on the Buddha's father, his life and background.

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