What are the Pali cannon references, if any, for the historical Buddha explicitly teaching and/or endorsing Kasiṇa (meditation of the type found in the Visuddhimagga or any type of Kasina meditations)?

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The Kosala Sutta: The Kosalan is one example. So nothing wrong by using such kammaṭṭhāna, good householder, as certain included and preference of kind of 'hobby' is different from individual to individual.

And it's not wise to hold a 'I know better that the Elders' attitude, but much better and of benefit if approaching the Gems with devotion, respect, generosity and patient first. As else would just demerit, here and here after.

  • My impression is Kosala Sutta is only one of two examples, which points to these suttas being fake rather than the Buddha's words. It is expected the AN and MN will contain late material. suttacentral.net/search?query=kasina Feb 8 at 6:11
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    Sure... what ever goes against the grain, defilements, must be fake... One who isn't able to leave home and sensuality, yet thinking smarter then the Gems, thats possible more easy to trace as fake, or?
    – user23425
    Feb 8 at 12:07
  • @Dhammadhatu, if there are two and the Kosala Sutta is one, what is the other one?
    – vimutti
    Feb 17 at 22:06
  • 1
    MN 77.......................... Feb 18 at 21:41

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