I am interested in vipassana meditation.

What are the different types of vipassana meditation?

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There is nothing called Vipassana Jhanas in the suttas. But in the commentaries there is something called Lakkhaṇūpanijjhāna.

Tattha lakkhaṇūpanijjhānaṃ nāma vipassanāmaggaphalāni.

Therein, lakkhaṇūpanijjhāna is the name of insight, path, and fruit.

Vipassanā hi tīṇi lakkhaṇāni upanijjhāyatīti lakkhaṇūpanijjhānaṃ.

Insight meditates upon the three characteristics, therefore it is meditation on characteristics.

Maggo vipassanāya āgatakiccaṃ sādhetīti lakkhaṇūpanijjhānaṃ.

The path completes the task begun by insight, therefore it is meditation on characteristics.

Phalaṃ tathalakkhaṇaṃ nirodhasaccaṃ upanijjhāyatīti lakkhaṇūpanijjhānaṃ.

Fruition meditates on the characteristic of reality that is the truth of cessation, therefore it is meditation on characteristics.

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