Is trying to find causes of everything not a good practise? Isn't having rational mind a good thing?

I know that the Lord Buddha advised us to not to think about begging of life. Because it make us crazy. There may be some other things like this.

I realize that this thinking cause me to loose sati. Why that thing happened? How long does it exists? etc. Most of these thinking causes to stuck at a loop. It feels like it wastes lot of energy for nonsense.

But I have fear of stopping this. Do I have to just stop thinking and let it go? Do I have to forget things without knowing causes of it? How do I select what to think and what not to think? How this affects sati? What Lord Buddha said about this? How should I handle this rationality?


It's correct that these things should not be contemplated due to their ability to destabilize the mind, making it less suitable for meditation practice. Thinking about such topics is useless from a Buddhist point of view.

Just be mindful of the habit and the thoughts when they arise. With time and practice they will subside.

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