I've hunted around a bit online but haven't found much besides some vague "probably not" answers. Has anyone ever come across an English (or other western language) translation of both parts of the Niddesa? I have the Pali Text Society's printings thanks to the Internet Archive, and enough resources to get started learning Pali if I need to, but figured I should try asking here before I attempt that.

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You can find a Sinhala translation of the Mahaniddesa and a Sinhala translation of the Culaniddesa on SuttaCentral. Both were translated by A. P. de Zoysa.

From there, you can copy and paste the Sinhala texts into Google Translate, and get it translated into English or another western language of your choice.

For example, I managed to translate the first paragraph of Mahaniddesa 6 in Sinhala to:

This life is definitely short. ”Life is the existence of life, dependence, existence, control, life, sense of life. Again, in two respects life is short, a little, life is short because it exists, life is short because it is small in nature. How can life be short in existence? Lived in the past emotional moment. Not alive. Will not live. Does not live in the future psyche. Did not live, did not live. Did not live and did not live in the present time mentality. Will not live.

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    Awesome, thank you! That will probably be faster than learning Pali :)
    – Zac Anger
    Jan 13, 2021 at 16:34
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    Turns out Sutta Central's data is also publicly available, which means I may be able to automate at least a halfway-readable Google Translate translation all in one go.
    – Zac Anger
    Jan 13, 2021 at 17:14
  • @ZacAnger That's perfect!
    – ruben2020
    Jan 13, 2021 at 17:16
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    If anyone happens to come across this later, I'm working on doing exactly that over here.
    – Zac Anger
    Jan 13, 2021 at 19:13

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