With reference to the title of the question, I would like to know if the person blessed or under a curse if for him the past, present, and future are the same?

If by unlawful acts he is elevated to a higher position when these three positions are better. He wants such a condition to perpetuate and go on.

If he is downgraded for his lawful acts, his downfall is usually bitter for him.

How to analyze the situations?

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Dhammapada verse 421 does not say: "for him the past, present and future are the same".

The Pali is:

Yassa (whatever) pure (past) ca (and) pacchā (future) ca (and), majjhe (middle) ca natthi (does not exist) kiñcanaṃ (in any way) akiñcanaṃ (not in anyway) anādānaṃ (not grasping)

He who clings to nothing of the past, present and future, who has no attachment and holds on to nothing — him do I call a holy man. (Buddharakkhita)

He who has nothing — in front, behind, in between — the one with nothing who clings to no thing: he's what I call a brahman. (Thanissaro)

For whom there is nothing in the past, the future or the present, having nothing and unattached, that one I say is a brahmin. (Anandajoti)

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