I've been looking into Buddhist concepts and the topic of infinite universes in existence popped up, and the Buddhist text called the "Abhidharmartha Pradipika" talks about infinite universes? And I was wondering what chapter/verse talks about it so I could look more into it.

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    By mentioning "Abhidharmartha Pradipika", are you referring to the book written by Dr. Amaradasa Rathnapala?
    – Damith
    Dec 8, 2020 at 3:57
  • Yeah that Buddhist text. I've talked to some Buddhists about it and it's pretty popular among them
    – Orionixe
    Dec 13, 2020 at 0:26

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It is in ...

  1. AN 3.80.
  2. The Path of Purification, Six Recollection, Recollection into Buddha's Value.(Visuddhimagga ChaAnussatiNiddesa BuddhanussatiKatha).
  3. AbhidhammatthaVibhavini 5th Chapter.
  4. etc.

Abhidhanappadipika is a Glossary explanation.


Abhidharmarthapradipika can be read here in four volumes, but it is all in Sinhalese. You will need to find a translator or someone who can read it for you. I don't know if it has been translated.

http://m.budaedu.org/ebooks/p6-2-SR.php (search this for "PRADIPIKA") http://ftp.budaedu.org/ebooks/pdf/SR041.pdf (Vol. 1)

The rest of the volumes are on the first link.


Anguththara Nkaya Ananda wagga 10. chulanika suththa. sahassi loka dhathu, dwi sahassi loka dhathu > Describe galaxies.

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    This is a low quality answer. Could you add more description in English? Thanks.
    – ruben2020
    Jan 31, 2021 at 4:18

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