I am looking for a translation in english (or french) of the following book in Chinese Mandarin:


It is a book in the Bön tradition about Dzogchen.

  • The "海" here corresponds to "Ocean of (+ blah blah blah)", just like the Tsongkhapa's work "Ocean of "+"reasoning" corresponds to "正理"+"海". May 21 at 9:42

I coudn't find a translation, but from what I gather from the title:

  • 大圆满 Dzogchen
  • 前行 forward, advance
  • 法海 Fa-Hai

法海 Fa-Hai was a Chan monk in the Tang dynasty, but is also the name of a Sino-Tibetan Lama (1920-1991) who studied both Chan and Dzogchen. Monica Esposito wrote a book in English on this blending of disciplines:

The Zen of Tantra: Tibetan Great Perfection in Fahai Lama's Chinese Zen Monastery

Hope this helps.


This is the book probably : https://sanxuezang.com/book/7571 Use the website https://www.deepl.com to translate.

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