Buddhism most basic perception is avoid killing.

Assume the house is filled by termite and killing is unavoidable, assume house is too badly affected and without killing need the house to be left unoccupant for months and repair is very expensive.

This is question is meant for normal lay Buddhist and not monk.

How is Buddhism handle in this case ?

There was a Mahayana Buddhist Scholar answered is to recite Mantra to the ants that been killed as much as possible n hope ants can incarnate to a better place.


Life wants to promote life. That too a very special life . A life which is free of diseases and dirt. A life which is holy. But if your house is infested with termites then probably you have karmic problems. For example , there was a locust attack in Saudi Arabia, Africa , Pakistan , India etc ..millions of hectares of crop got eaten by those insects. Why do you think that happened ? It was our karma in some ways. Life would generally not interfere in your holy pursuit but if it happens then it means you may have become impure in some ways. So what should be done? As a layperson you will obviously kill those insects for survival and if you are serious about Dhamma then you will commit to 8 fold path and never intentionally kill any insect.

  • Well, about the Karmic problem statement, it is a truth statement. But, my teacher told us do not stuck into that statement but rather look into best solution and treat it as training background. There are some stressful old folks that I shared Buddhism to them have some negative response on this as they always stuck into this karmic problem from their past life and keep on complaining of their issues. – little star Sep 13 '20 at 0:38
  • cessation of karma is possible(is desirable) if we strictly follow the noble 8 fold path. – SacrificialEquation Sep 13 '20 at 1:15

Exchange of self and other... will open the dhamma door of the Tri-ratna as your teacher.

Termite: What? Ima greedy lil pig eating here... This one thing and this one thing only... pooping my breathing as I go along filling in the wood behind me. How is it not the samadhi you should be practicing? "Human".

Go ahead and kill it but imagine the self you cling to there instead; So it can attain your precious human form and practice with it just as it was previously doing, without the eating of wood and poop for breath of course.

That's a practice of a bodhisatta people don't even speak about; instead known to preach "ethics" as if life itself is a moral dilemma all of it's own as it arises and passes into being and not being.

Countless corpses at my feet; how dare anyone call it anything dishonorable as sand... it knows it was a mountain on the furthest shore; I just don't have the tongue for it even though, it could be mistaken for vanilla ice cream.

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