According to Tibetan Buddhism, what does it mean LHA? (LHA body?)


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Please check out the second link (Tibetan Medicine Education Center) for more details.

From Nalanda Translation's "Lha or is it La?" page:

Lha La (lha bla)

Some confusion exists between two Tibetan words, sometimes used interchangeably:lha and la. The first, lha, is the Tibetan word used to translate the Sanskrit deva, meaning “deity,” “god,” or “divine.” This is also the term used in the Shambhalian sense of natural hierarchy: lha, nyen, and lu. (If we were to be more daring in writing this word like it is actually pronounced, we might spell it hla!)

The word la (bla) literally means that which is “higher” or “above,” as in the word lama, the Tibetan translation of the Sanskrit guru (which literally means “heavy,” —heavy with good qualities, as the tradition explains). Lama Ugyen once explained lama as “one who looks down from above (la) with the love that a mother (ma) has for her children.” La is also a Pön term, meaning “soul,” “life force.”

From the Tibetan Medicine Education Center's page on "Lha and Lha Ceremony":


What is the lha?
“Lha” (bla) in Tibetan means ‘superior body‘, or ‘energy body‘. According to the Tibetan medicine and astrology concepts, between the physical body and the mind is the Lha body, which develops like a body copy, a shadow or reflection of the physical body. Therefore it is called subtle or energy body. It can hardly be seen by naked eye. The Lha body is very important to the health of the body/mind, as it always protects, nourishes and gives energy to the physical body, keeping it strong, stable and powerful. It gives psychological confidence, sense of ego and it plays a defensive role. The natural shape and form of the Lha body is exactly like that of the physical body and therefore they can be thought as dual bodies. When the subtle Lha body and the physical body are in correct position, it could bring harmony, the person feels well, has only few doubts and confusion, has a good concentration, a stable mind and a good immune system. If our physical body is healthy and in good condition, of course our mind and emotions are more stable and function well. But the modern stressful life, traumatic situations and many natural conditions can weaken the equilibrium between the physical body and the subtle Lha body, creating the conditions for a possible division, weakening, or loss of contact between the two bodies. This result of losing the Lha body is called: «lost Lha ». Lha can be damaged, become ill or leave the physical body, which could cause serious effects for the person.

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