In the story of Prince Nanda, He equal the most beautiful female humen on earth to a died monkey as compared with a women from higher realm.

Lord Buddha said that The king of all earth is like a beggar in the heaven.

Are there more other detailed comparisons between humens and people from higher realms ?

I'm asking this because, I don't feel much suffer about this life. Life is going ok. But, If we compare the typical humen life to the life in heven, This is lot of suffering. Because, People of heavens doesn't need to do hard jobs. Some of them don't do any job. Brahmas don't get hungry. So, Having a better understanding of higher realms may helpful to understand suffering of this world.To avoid pursing physical things (Because richest/luckiest/happiest person is nothing compared to the heaven, most valuable thing/achievement is nothing compared to the heaven)

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    Not even compareable, pleasure and lifespan, good householder, as if a human watches a bug or marggot, a fly. So easy to finde objets to observe to get a little taste Wanna go after dung further? Sure, a bug, ant... isn't aware of human realm even right around.
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    Even higher and gain-able right here and now: "Sole dominion over the earth, going to heaven, lordship over all worlds: the fruit of stream-entry excels them."
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  • I feel your ideas are too anthropomorphic and too various to deal with easily. I would just say that if you delve more deeply then you can expect most of these questions to fade away, to be replaced by a few even harder ones.
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    Answers, please. This is a Q&A site.
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  • Some people are suffering because they have no food to eat. Some other people suffer because their home WiFi doesn't reach the toilet. I suppose it's something like that. (Can I write this as a zen-style answer?)
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Part 1)

Suffering is endless. As I see, that's what the real suffering is. Even I would tolerate it, if it were just one life. But there's no end. That's the real problem.

brief (very short human life)

You say, you don't feel suffering much. Ok. Let's say you are happy as God for now(whole lifetime in the lifespan, whole 80(or 120) years, zero unhappy, 100% happy).

Even then, human lifespan is maximum ~ 120 years.

That's like a fraction of a second, compared to the lifespan of Gods and Brahmas. Specially, Brahmas live eons.

Human lifespan is like fraction of a second to them.

And, here we are thinking, we are happy. Imagine living happy an eon long and living happy 80-100 years.

It's like we are happy for a 1 second in our life and full suffering all other 80 years time. Would you accept that? I think, nobody would.

Look it in below order.

  1. Hell home

Whatever God / Brahma realm someone get born, as Buddha said hell is like home for everyone. One may go to God / Brahma realm now and then, but hell is the place where everyone (nun enlightened) get born always.

  1. Endless

Unless oneself get free from this, there's no end. Suffering for all eternity.

  1. Occupied

Everywhere someone goes (born), you/we have to keep occupied. If you are human, eating, finding food, doing job ect. For what? Nothing?

That's suffering.

If you are a God, you have to keep doing good to keep live in God realm. Keep watching, keep eating, keep drinking ect ect. Endlessly. For what? Nothing.

That's suffering.

  1. Any moment

Whatever realm someone get born, there's no guarantee about how much longer the person may live. Any moment he/she can die and get born in some random realm / hell. I mean that's dangerous. Happening that is suffering. Knowing that it will be is suffering.

  1. Low quality life of lower realms

As I understand, I consider neediness to feed a body is a very poor quality of freedom. Everyday humans have to eat. Even gods have to eat. It's a like rope around the neck of a cow. Whatever we do, we have to feed ourselves.

  1. Danger of corrupt and Events

We don't need big reason to get angry, hurt others. Like one ant, one needle, one sight can turn over the life.

What if someone wrongly run towards you carrying a knife. Wouldn't you get angry? Wouldn't you think to kill him? Wouldn't you think to fight him?

Wouldn't we need to say some lies in normal life?

Part 2)

Samvega Vatthu

"birth, old age, disease, death, being 4; the suffering in the lower states of existence being the 5th; further, the misery of the past rooted in the cycle of rebirth, the misery of the future rooted in the cycle of rebirth, the misery of the present rooted in the search after food" (Vis.M. III.).

  1. birth,
  2. old age,
  3. disease,
  4. death, being 4;
  5. the suffering in the lower states of existence being the 5th; further,
  6. the misery of the past rooted in the cycle of rebirth,
  7. the misery of the future rooted in the cycle of rebirth,
  8. the misery of the present rooted in the search after food



Part 3)

1) Subrahma. A Devaputta.

Subrahma. A Devaputta.

Subrahma. A Devaputta. He visits the Buddha at Veluvana and tells him that his heart is full of dismay. The Buddha replies that the only path out of sorrow is by way of wisdom, renunciation and restraint (S.i.53). According to the Commentary, (SA.i.88f.; DA.iii.750; MA.i.190f ), he was a devaputta of Tavatimsa, and one day went to the Nandana Park with one thousand nymphs. Five hundred of them sat with him under the Paricchattaka tree, while the others climbed the tree, from which they threw garlands and sang songs. Suddenly all of them vanished and were born in Avici. Subrahma, discovering their destiny and investigating his own, finds that he has only seven days more to live. Full of grief, he seeks the Buddha for consolation. At the end of the Buddhas discourse he becomes a sotapanna.

Part 4)

Buddhism teaches that going to Naraka is temporary, allowing the offenders to work off the karma they garnered in life. Avīci is sometimes cited as lasting 3.39738624×10^18 or 339,738,624×10^10 years,6 about 3.4 quintillion years.

The Lotus Sutra provides an example of humans who have to endure long-term suffering in Avīci.[7][8] Some sutras state that rebirth in Avīci will be for innumerable kalpas (aeons). When the offending soul passes away after one kalpa, it is reborn in the same place, suffering for another kalpa, and on and on until it has exhausted its bad karma.[9] For this reason, the Avīci hell is also known as the "nonstop way" (無間道).

Avīci : Details about Avīci

Devaduta Sutta: The Deva Messengers

Devadūtasutta—Bhikkhu Sujato : Messengers of the Gods

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