Does a theravada abbott have to accept everything / anything that is offered to them? I'm referencing technology, things beyond requisites.

I know it is important for abbotts to set a good example and to create trust through their actions.

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    No. Receiving is generally voluntary, if good, always out of compassion, if asked to. There are of cause things not allowed to accept and other criterias to reject offerings sometimes, good householder. – Samana Johann May 6 at 9:11
  • A teaching story of Ven. Kassapa, casting away a Deva eager after doing merits: The Story of Lajadevadhita And there are many other stories where those with much merits (mostly Gods) where cast away or rebuked for taking poors the possibility to make Dana – Samana Johann May 6 at 9:18
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    Today many monks reject gifts because they live still a householderlife, order, hold money and take of what is not given... that's of course a very bad way but no way to change their modes. – Samana Johann May 6 at 9:20

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