How can we have determination with this impermanent world, if determination is one of the paramitas?

"I will do that thing (A) whatever happens" is determination. But something else (B) can happen on the way that makes (A) a useless thing.

So, how can I have determination in the right way?

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The mind & all mental things are impermanent. When the body ends its life, the mind also is impermanent.

But during life, for a Fully Enlightened One, the virtues of the mind are permanent.

The Buddha said of himself:

I am now old, aged, burdened with years, advanced in life, and come to the last stage: my years have turned eighty... Sariputta, even if you have to carry me about on a bed, still there will be no change in the lucidity of the Tathagata's wisdom.

MN 12


In accordance with dhamma there are four kinds of resolve (adhitthanani):

to gain (a) wisdom, (b) truth (sacca), (c) relinquishment (caga), (d) tranquility (upasama)


Needless to say, this is contrary to many contemporary cultural ideals like social status, material gain, achievements or accomplishments.

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