I found the text below on another site. However, it doesn't say whether the source is a specific sutta, commentaries or something else. Could someone show me the origin?

Six things are conducive to the abandonment of restlessness and remorse:

  1. Knowledge of the Buddhist scriptures (Doctrine and Discipline);
  2. Asking questions about them;
  3. Familiarity with the Vinaya (the Code of Monastic Discipline, and for lay followers, with the principles of moral conduct);
  4. Association with those mature in age and experience, who possess dignity, restraint and calm;
  5. Noble friendship;
  6. Suitable conversation.


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Source: Uddhacca,kukkucca by Piya Tan


It is most likely taken from the commentary to the satipatthana sutta, which has a similar list for each of the five hindrances. They are all worth reading:


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