If 2 groups of people are there:

1st group claims to follow and practice teachings given by someone who followed THE 5 PERCEPTS. 2nd group follows and practices the teachings of someone who NEVER MAINTAINED atleast ONE or ALL of THE 5 PERCEPTS.

Both groups have majority of people who are rapist, murderer, underweighted by buddhist 8 worldly concerns, etc type of defilements.

Similarly, both groups have people (one can say from behaviour that 2nd has more) who attain a stage which is free from defilements.

Not only this, 1st group even started a practice in the name of enlightenment that it completely breaks 5 percepts.


  • Should 1st group be disbandoned from country, from earth?
  • Will there be anyone who will ever respect those cowards who do something else and claim something else?
  • Will moral householders ever approve 1st group?

Here 1st group is of those who call themselves buddhist, 2nd is of other communities.

  • This is "unclear what you're asking". And overly theoretical too, it seems to me, let's hope it's very rare that people have actual practical experience with groups of whom a majority are murderers and rapists. – ChrisW Jan 21 '20 at 14:34

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