Bread has flour and yeast. Therefore, a scientist can say that it is both an animal and a vegetable grain. Is there anything wrong with eating bread?

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To be honest, my ego is completely confused. Still, for the sake of satisfying it.

Can super Buddhists eat bread?

If by super buddhists, you mean as someone of so high calibur that s/he will be aware of the presence of any tiniest living organism whether it's yeast or something else-- No, that venerable one won't eat cause it's killing.

Is there anything wrong with eating bread?

Sorry, I don't know.

But atleast, I can give metta to self and others. :)

With Metta.
May all the tiny living beings that I ate unintentionally till now be free from their suffering. May I reach to the level of venerable one to identify any living microorganism with mind. May I be free from my remorse of eaten yeast. May they pardon me.


No. According to Buddhism, you required only to not to kill. If someone or something is killed unintentionally it will not amount to killing

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