Monkey mind I don't think. I live in present. My mind always thinking. Past thinking

Future thinking.

Hate thought..

Worry thought..

Pleasure thought..

Lust thought..


Bhante Vimalaramasi talks about this in his talk about MN18 2015 Day 4 Easter Retreat 2 "Perceptions" MN18 - Bhante Vimalaramasi Bhante discusses sutta MN18 from the majjhima nikaya on the subject of Perception. How perception leads to thinking and craving. Proliferations of mind. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1hNpff_JaA


The nature of the mind is dominated by attachment (greed), aversion (fear), and ignorance(curiosity). There are six mind doors with millions of objects. So the mind is continual scans (attention) these objects with a short span of time. If you can keep your attention on only one object, it is called Jhana. Once you eliminated or suppressed attachment, aversion and ignorance then you can keep your attention on a neutral subject without mind fickle.


If you examine nature, much of nature is fickle - volcanoes erupting, winds blowing, clouds forming, earthquakes, rain, flood, drought, etc. Then there are animals programmed to look for food & sex. Then there is growing, aging & passing. People are they same. Unless you believe in god and volitional-self-speculations of reincarnation, all life forms are similar. If you believe in Evolution, you understand you are descended from monkeys, gorillas, baboons and chimpanzees.

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