Through many of Yuttadhammo's videos and accesstoinsight, I have learned a vast amount of knowledge on the Buddha's teachings. But I feel like I am causing myself problems.

1) I keep on questioning everything I learn in the Dhamma & expanding on my questions through my answers and so on, how can I stop this from happening? How can I limit my questions or is there anything taught by the Buddha or in Yuttadhammo's tradition to help me?

2) As I have learned a lot (but definitely not all) from the Buddha's Dhamma, I keep on wanting to write down all that I learn but to keep it for myself on remembering the teaching, and I keep on writing long essays then rewriting and editing and adding and shrinking and adding and so on. I continue to do so and I feel like this is a problem, how can I cope with only knowing the teaching in my head than writing it all I learn down or is this not really a problem?

Please help! Metta

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  • People learn in different ways, some by watching, some by doing, I have found that I personally, and I suspect you as well, learn by teaching. When I write essays like you're describing I am teaching the student within myself and it often allows me to gain a deeper understanding than I had before.
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You probably know, you have to practice. You haven't watched Bhante Yuttadhammo's videos on how to meditate? Bhante Yuttadhammo is always talking about how it takes moment by moment experiencial practice to understand the enefable Dhamma. We can't read about insights into our own personal habits and beliefs that are below the surface of consciousness, we have to witness them.

Here are some specific Yuttadhammo Bhikkhu videos concerning this issue:

Intellectual Knowledge of Insight Knowledge https://youtu.be/_qw0qRro2es

Intelligence, Wisdom, and Stupidity https://youtu.be/gBTOOI1bk-o

Overdosing on Study https://youtu.be/SfG1Dk6yUKE

Study of the Dhamma Vs. Practice https://youtu.be/T2CodNAHzf0

Conceptual Truth vs. Ultimate Truth https://youtu.be/jg48H8VtN9E

Why Practice Meditation https://youtu.be/0rbspa_39EY

Basics of Vipassana https://youtu.be/YmcE3TlCDYE

One Who Lives By The Dhamma https://youtu.be/aVWCyaAmgSc

How I Became a Buddhist Monk https://youtu.be/5PajaN34xK8

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Dhamma is something to be practised. If it is practised it is remembered. This is what mindfulness means. Mindfulness means to remember to practise the teachings.


A Problem in Need of an Answer

Since you already seem to be following Ven. Yuttadhammo's teachings I would advice doing the online meditation course with Bhante. I'm doing that right now and I highly recommend it. You will have a weekly video session (via Discord or Google Hangouts) with Bhante and he will teach you the Mahasi Sayadaw technique.

May you have a fruitful practice.

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