I already know this much https://buddhism.stackexchange.com/a/35802/17220
Still ,there is a particular case where ,I have no experience/knowledge which is below.

Person with 27 yrs. of age and above. Parents are alive. No responsibility over Person. Person is having exemplary character & is unmarried. Person is unsatisfied by any meditation center , monastery , ashram , yogi etc. ,so want to meditate alone in forest alongside other *religious meditators. Parents are not ready to accept buddha or buddha's teachings for their child cause they think that it(buddhism) is only to destroy householdness. It tears down parents if person flees away to forest or even tries to do so.


Under these circumstances, is permission required ,if yes ,then how to convince parents.

Note:: 'To be a monk' means 'to go forth to be' ::

detached one , beyond all sense of his own name and form. Without any existence of I, my or mine. Not to grieve if his name and form entity were to decay and deteriorate.


It is possible to find a monestary that will let that slide. Some are more flexable and take the rules as guidelines instead of law to be followed rigidly, not out of laziness but out of wise practicality and out of an attempt at a sense of what the Buddha might do in today's times.

Also relentlessness in your dedication to break into the monkhood is often a help as they like to know you are serious.

  • Exactly , it is possible to find a friend that will help in letting this slide. Still ,tears won't stop .what to do now?how to make parents ready?cause there would be no further contact after going for deep meditation.Should one proceed like Gautama & mahaveera jain before enlightenment. If one tries to do so , it tears down parents. – user17220 Nov 8 at 8:13
  • Wow, no furthur contact forever? You know, monks can go see their parents and even their spouse and kids but when in deep training it is obviously frowned upon. Have you been to any 10 day(or more) meditation retreats first? Have you given any thought to becoming an Anagarika? – Lowbrow Nov 8 at 14:57
  • Nope , remember ,monk - noble word ,so, noble behaviour (1st characterstic :: same behaviour to All). So , no spouse , no child , no parent . One will be called a monk ... please refer Verse 367 , Chapter 25 ,dhammapada . – user17220 Nov 8 at 15:11
  • Noble behavior does not mean having extreme views. The Monastic code allows you to visit your parents. Do you believe your mind will never be able to be vigilant and undistracted around your parents? Letting go of your parents doesn't mean you reject them, it means you stop attaching to them. Love is not attatchment. – Lowbrow Nov 8 at 16:30
  • I suggest being around noble friends at monestaries for awhile and listening to them before ordaining. Ask them what the process was like for them and if they have any advice. I think most likely they will respect such questions and think you are a wise student. Whatever you are going through they are likely to relate as they were where you are at one time. – Lowbrow Nov 8 at 16:33

Person is unsatisfied by any meditation center , monastery , ashram , yogi etc. ,so want to meditate alone in forest alongside other *religious meditators.

Then he isn't immediately seeking an ordination as that would usually entail integrating into an existing group for which such an allowance is to be obtained.

I hope the person figures out a good solution ensuring a comfortable & safe abiding; not subjecting themselves to unnecessary hardship and stress.

It is going to be difficult to be a yogi without ordination because going forth in the dispensation of Buddha Gotama without a formal ordination is very uncommon. As it is, it is often asked of one to complete a trial period before being given a formal going forth which is like a meal ticket to an extent.

Imo a yogi without formal association is more likely to be assumed to be an outcast holding wrong views, unable to get along with 'the contemporary masters'. Therefore it will be difficult lest one makes a living recycling stuff or otherwise gets the money.

  • How about lay people without formal association? Without Name and face? How are they assumed? – Samana Johann Nov 18 at 13:30
  • @SamanaJohann I don't know about other countries ,but in India/Nepal :: if person is financially poor ,he/she is considered to be lower caste by 'people following caste system' and an idiot by others. If person is powerful or rich , no objections/obligations against/to such person in public will be made. Only 1 in 1lakh would respect such person in India/Nepal. – user17220 Nov 18 at 14:01
  • So is it mostly under Brahmans in India, Europe US and everywhere: But what is really an outcast, Brahman @TempoItan ? Vasala Sutta: Discourse on Outcasts Geatings from an "Outcast" – Samana Johann Nov 18 at 15:58
  • @SamanaJohann this false behaviour/thinking is of all upper-castes towards such lay person. I know this story of outcast; just gave situation in India. Moreover ,I don't call anyone(even if buddha suggested to brahmin) as an outcast ... I call them more Ignorant than me ...cause... at some point ,I was also more Ignorant than anyone else that's why I have not attained Nibbana till now. Nice talk.÷) – user17220 Nov 18 at 16:55
  • 1
    It's good to know right and wrong, good to reflect for oneself and strive for beyond and encourage others toward the Noble Domain, Brahman @TempoItan . Not is it, that a real Brahman should considered equal anyway and sacrifices upwardly is necessary for escape the dusty life in households. – Samana Johann Nov 18 at 16:59

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