What does one know or think: Is there any praise of shred-parami (perfections in appearing modest) by the Sublime Buddha, such as in out-fit, outwardly appearing, using of such stuff, and if why? If not why?

To give an idea in a samples of certain "modesty":

  • Better to catch fishes with the hand instead of catching with high tech, yet still after meat.
  • Better to wear recycling garments then new, yet still after look.
  • Better to drive an old car then a new one, yet still after comfort.
  • Better not to cut hair and let it grow, yet still after appearing certain.

[note: not given for trade, exchange, stacks but for gaining release from the wheel of hypocrisy and corruption]

  • Is the perfection in appearing modest nekkhamma(renunciation)? – Lowbrow Oct 27 '19 at 15:30

How long do $500 shoes last? Do they make you look smart or stupid for buying them? Clothing is a communication. People dress to their personal desires and look for those in the people they put around them. So if you dress a certain way you project. People who want a friend or sucker or someone to complement them in some way. That's the issue of clothing. You are your environment and the people you surround yourself with. I dress like a regular person on the poor side. I have honestly and Carring and supporting friendships that have an intimate understanding of each other. Before I was a Buddhist I was flamboyant and attracted drama and suffering. Cause and affect are the same you see. Clothes make the man but the man picks the cloths. Find the middle way.

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