There is a (are) person(s) here, who advocate the denying of "person is heir of his action", advocate no-self, for whom who has reached the path already (Sekha).

In that case, do, and why, make Sekhas an effort toward good and liberating, if such would be the case?

What would happen to a person who would throw away the boot before crossing or in the middle (if such even would be possible to develope grave wrong view for a Sekha) of the sea?

It would be good if the "Noble Ones", "Emptinessdweller" and "Ahara-hats" here would elaburate their thesis of the use of kamma and self-denying for Sekhas and foremost worldlings since less Arahats might be in need for such tunings.

(Note: that is not given for trade, exchange, stacks or entertainment but to make use to get out of the wheel of that)


The effort of Sekha is merely intuition of mind to remain empty. Only when mindfulness & wisdom of non-Arahant Sekha lapses is there thought of kamma-vipaka.

For Sekha with mindfulness, wisdom knows only the element of ignorance is the doer of kamma. For the mindful Sekha, "old kamma" is merely something "felt" (rather than identified with), per SN 12.37. In AN 3.61, it is said: "For those who feel, I teach the four noble truths" (of non-craving & non-identifying).

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