Is it more likely that a mind with more positive Kamma and closer to the Dhamma will reborn as a son of a couple that follows the Dhmma? Is there like an attraction due to the Dhamma?

There is a story that Buddha once told a couple that if they have the same religion, similar dana and sila they may meet again in the next life.

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In addition to what Suminda said. What usually happens is, whatever is a hidden trait in parents, it attracts a child mind with the same trait manifested explicitly. This works both ways, good and bad. If parents quietly despise imperfect people, they will attract the child mind that openly hates the whole world and may eventually develop a drug addiction or something. The same way, parents with few attachments will attract a child mind that may be too unfettered, perhaps to the point of having issues in school etc. So it's not as much bad => bad and good => good, as it is inner => outer and subtle => explicit.


In Buddhism there is no definiteness in Karma. Since there is not definiteness we can just say there is a higher probability this might happen.

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