What or who is the cause that a realm of existance comes into being?

Or is such accidentally? Or an unconditioned phenomena? A material-alone phenomena?

What causes your world you "be", have "been", could or will "be"?

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Nobody creates a realm. The physical aspect of a realm is caused mainly by Utu Niyama and Bija Niyama. The mental aspect of a realm is caused mainly by Kamma Niyama and Citta Niyama. Dhamma Niyama affects both mental and physical aspects of a realm.

  • So then it not conditioned, or what? Or un-personal conditioned? How should that work? A sublime creator? What's the cause of kamma, for example? Or of Utu? – Samana Johann Apr 9 at 4:01
  • Why should there be a creator? Need to get that thought out of the mind – Sankha Kulathantille Apr 9 at 4:11
  • Nyom told that there is nothing that creates, has no condition. Again, what is the condition of being? – Samana Johann Apr 9 at 5:01
  • God, creator Kamma Niyama and Citta Niyama, Utu...? Or what? – Samana Johann Apr 9 at 5:03
  • The question assumes that we know "existence" had a beginning. On what basis is this assumption made? – brother eric Apr 9 at 5:12

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