I am only getting fake and/or altered versions of the Dhammapada. This is a serious problem. They get changed regularly, sometimes a verse is just completely false as it describes something that is not Right View, other times the translations are poor, some verses seem untouched. Is anyone else experiencing this?


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I'm aware of three versions in English

I guess word-for-word translations are rarely perfect or only approximate (e.g. the three translations translate averena as "non-hatred", "non-hostility", and/or "loving-kindness").

There's also https://suttacentral.net/dhp which has:

  • One of the English-language translations
  • "20 translations in other modern languages"
  • "1 edition of the root text" (which, I'm not sure, might be a copy of the Pali Text Society 2nd edition).

Experiences are matter of ones own kamma, heritage, or on a more refined level, a matter of touch.

So it's not clear of what does the question seek for. Truth in things that are not, assuming that when others experiences something similar, it must be real?

Those who regard non-essence as essence and see essence as non-, don't get to the essence, ranging about in wrong resolves.

But those who know essence as essence, and non-essence as non-, get to the essence, ranging about in right resolves.

Yamakavagga: Pairs

(not given for exchange, trade, stacks, gain... that binds to the world but for liberation)

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