I recall a story that goes something like this

A Buddhist monk was giving a lecture on Buddhism. At the start he said 'Who hasn't yet started on the Buddhist path?' Half the audience stands. He continues 'To those people I say if you haven't started then do not start. Please go to the entrance and your entrance fee will be refunded'. Half the audience then leaves. He says 'to those of you who are left who have started on the path I say you must continue. Do not stop.'

This is paraphrased but that's the essence of it. Has anyone heard of this and get the reference, the exact story and who said it. Is it true at all?

Many Thanks as always

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The book Meditation for Everyone: a 12 Step Guide attributes it -- without any certainty -- to the Dalai Lama.

enter image description here

That's all I found, via a quick Google search.

I guess the attribution is plausible, compare it with this quote for example, and so on.

But "plausible" doesn't mean "true", and that may be only a paraphrase.

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