In Abhidhamma, there are 3 rebirths: khaṇa-paccuppanna (10 trillions per snapping), santati-paccuppanna (here&now), and addhāna-paccuppanna (reincarnation-rebirth) because there are 3 rebirths appear in various sutta. Abhidhamma is just the explanation of sutta by Sāriputta The Greatest Follower.

All of above 3 rebirths are cycling in the dependent origination. So by Abhidhamma, whatever you want, "the reincarnation hater's translation" or "reincarnation lover's translation" of SN Nidānavagga Vibhaṅgasutta, they all must use the dependent origination to translate as:

(nāma&rūpa-)khandhānaṃ pātubhāvo (sala-)āyatanānaṃ paṭilābho.

In DN Brahmajālasuttaṃ, the Buddha uses the middle path in between a reincarnation and unincarnation by explaining 3 rebirths in the same method, the dependent origination cycle, so there is the safest, no any risk, by explaining follow to Abhidhamma because all the possible rebirth cases can be managed and cease according to above Buddha's the middle path. While the people who miss the middle path are taking the risk to be suffered by reincarnation and unincarnation, the Buddhist people feel safest in the middle path.

If one chooses to comprehend only here&now rebirth, that one will feel risk, suspecting, and fear about the other rebirths, when the others talk about the other rebirths. Then that one tries to attack the other rebirths. All that feeling and attack are unwholesome, unhappy, and suffering.

The question: Therefore, the Abhidhammist people accepted all possible rebirths by logic from many sutta to avoid those risks to be suffered by those unwholesome feeling, right?

We feel safest when we can explain and stop all case of rebirth, right?

  • The middle path between reincarnation and unreincarnation is that whoever is not an arahant is reborn. There is no person that is reborn. There is only Nama, rupa or five aggregates that are reborn according to dependent origin. Reincarnation does not happen for an arahant. It’s not that arahants cease to exist. It’s that Nama, rupa or the five aggregates cease to exist and not arise anymore – TheDBSGuy Dec 24 '18 at 17:17

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