Ming Peu, 13th century priest This print was my father’s. He wrote on the back ‘Ming-Peu 13th century priest’. Who was Ming Peu?

I don’t think ‘Peu’ is either pinyin or Wade-Giles.

He appears to be wearing Japanese dress. The kimono is open to the waist.

His head is not shaven. Monastic rules for shaving may not yet have been set down in the 13th century.

What is the difference between a monk and a priest?

13th century would make him potentially contemporaneous with Dogen-zenji.


This may be a long shot, but In Vietnamese Pho is pronounced closer to "Pheu" than it is to "Po". So the depiction may be of a Vietnamese monk. There is a Pho Minh Pagoda from the 13th century in Vietnam.

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Peu sounds like Korean 프 so maybe this guy came from or to Korea? Although, the Koreanized version of the Chinese family name Ming would be Myung, also spelled Myeong, Myong, or Myoung... So maybe he was from a Chinese family that came to Korea?

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