I want the differences between the two, followed by their definitions?


Anger refers to a mental state. Violence usually refers to a destructive or harmful physical action caused by an angry mental state. Both are originating from the defilment called Dosa(aversion).


I just found a sutta about angry men and women


  • Does it explain the difference between violence and anger? – ChrisW Jul 24 '18 at 9:16

Violence is like setting another person or thing on fire. Anger is like setting yourself on fire.


You tagged the question , and therefore perhaps the "anger" you're referring to is byāpā­da­ or perhaps it's paṭigha.

I'm not sure what "violence" is (i.e. what word it is, whose definition you want). There is a chapter in the Dhammapada whose title is translated as Violence, that's the Daṇḍavagga in Pali, i.e. "the chapter about daṇḍa" -- see a definition here.

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