I have been trying to find a sutta DN.iii.106 on suttacentral.net but couldn't find it. On suttacentral.net DN.iii.99 is given and after that DN.iii.117, DN.iii.106 is missing. I failed to find it on accesstoinsight.org as well.

I am looking for it because it talks about the 7 factors of enlightenment which is crucial for the destruction of craving.

Can anyone please give me the link to DN.iii.106 ?


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According to suttacentral ...

  • DN 28 starts with DN iii 99
  • DN 29 starts with DN iii 117

... so I think that DN.iii.106 is near the middle of DN 28.


Long Discourses of the Buddha (Digha Nikaya)

enter image description here

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