Buddha says the Way of Eightfold path removes the craving. I am looking for a short summary of ways the Way removes the craving. My question is : In which ways does the Way removes the craving ? How does the Way removes the craving ? ( For example if the answer is by holding right view then I would like to know How does holding right view removes craving ?)


For example if the answer is by holding right view then I would like to know How does holding right view removes craving ?

It's no coincidence that Right View is mentioned first in the Noble Eightfold Path (N8P).

We crave because of Wrong View: where one of its manifestation is the Four Perversions (seeing impermanent things as permanent, dukkha as pleasure, not-Self as self, and un-attractive as attractive).

But even with Right View, one still needs other limbs of the N8P to reinforce/strengthen one's practice toward a complete abandonment of craving, through the 3 gateways of moral virtues/mental discipline/wisdom (i.e. cultivate Sila/moral virtues thru Right Speech, Right Livelihood, etc.; cultivate mental discipline thru Right Effort, Right Concentration, etc.).

For a thorough analysis on the purpose of the N8P, see Ven. Bodhi's excellent "Noble Eightfold Path"

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  • Ven. Bodhi's approach has been to uproot the ignorance. The way according to him teaches opposite of ignorance. I want an approach which uproots the craving. Please dont mind but I will wait for a better answer. – Dheeraj Verma Jul 20 '18 at 10:23

...How does the Way removes the craving ?...

The Sammaditthi Sutta promotes a detailed understanding of right view and craving:

When, friends, a noble disciple understands the unwholesome, the root of the unwholesome, the wholesome, and the root of the wholesome, in that way he is one of right view,...

...and discusses the arising of craving at length:

With the arising of feeling there is the arising of craving...There are three taints: the taint of sensual desire, the taint of being and the taint of ignorance

However, the Sammaditthi sutta is long and some find the following equivalent and useful for addressing craving:

Delight is the root of suffering...

Displeased, the monks did not delight in the Blessed One's words

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