In Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond, Ajahn Brahm writes -

The Buddha taught two types of satipaṭṭhāna. The first type is supported by jhāna and leads to enlightenment in a short time.

Which satipaṭṭhāna is the first type, and where can it be found ? (By "two types" does he mean the two versions DN 22 and MN 10?) Please reference both types and specify which is the "first type".


The idea of Ajahn Brahm sounds strange to me. I imagine there is only one type of Satipatthana, which means to "establish mindfulness". What this means is whatever body, feelings, mental states or Truth/Reality is/are experienced; the mind 'remembers' ('sati') to not have covetousness & distress towards those bodies, feelings, mental states or Truth/Reality.

Jhana (Appanā Samādhi) is merely a higher level of feelings (2nd satipatthana) and mind (3rd satipattana) than experienced with the lower Neighborhood Concentration (Upacara Samadhi) of Anapanasati. Therefore, mindfulness is established towards jhana the same as towards any other experience, as explained in many suttas, such as below:

Whatever qualities there are in the first jhana... he remained unattracted & unrepelled with regard to those qualities, independent, detached, released, dissociated, with an awareness rid of barriers.

MN 111


I think that Ajahn Brahm refers to the two different approaches or vehicles, rather than two different types: the vehicle of tranquility and the vehicle of insight.

A meditator who chooses the vehicle of tranquility would do jhana meditation first and the one who chooses the vehicle of insight skips that step and goes directly to developing insight. Which is faster? I have no clue. It depends on all sorts of different causes and conditions. It could be longer since one first has to get a hang of samatha.

Anyway. The only in-depth text on that subject I've read so far is in the Manual of Insight by Mahāsi Sayādaw. He references different texts, commentaries, sub-commentaries etc. Here a link to an older version. Read chapter two on the two methods on developing the path.

(This older version has only the first two chapters. The entire thing can be found here).

Hope this helps.

Note: Samatha as well as vipassana know jhana.

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