I tried vipassana meditation and where i used to follow my belly for the inhale exhale. Every time I practised, I found that my sleep quality was disturbed. I found myself tired next day after the disturbed sleep. Did anyone experience the same?

  • Did you fall asleep during meditation? – ruben2020 Jun 22 '18 at 14:35
  • ha ha ! not definitely – SGN Jun 25 '18 at 11:04

What happens when you observe the lying position (not focused but more in a relaxed way, as Lanka describes) instead of rising/falling?

Addition: I thought about it a bit. What came to mind is that due to vipassana your awareness increases. Which means that it's possible that you can become more aware of all sorts of conditions. For instance: temperature. What I find myself is that when I'm more aware of let's say temperature I can't sleep like when I'm not. My sleep is more disturbed too due to this (as an example).

But sleep is not always disturbed when practising vipassana before sleep. It depends also on the meditation object. You could try to switch to a different object.

Also, you could do metta instead of vipassana right before sleep.

It supposedly brings better sleep.

Eleven benefits to practicing Metta (loving kindness meditation:

  1. You will sleep easily
  2. You will wake easily
  3. You will have pleasant dreams
  4. People will love you
  5. Devas (gods or angels) and animals will love you
  6. Devas will protect you
  7. External dangers, such as poisons, weapons, and fire, will not harm you
  8. Your face will be radiant
  9. Your mind will be serene
  10. You will die unconfused
  11. You will be re-born in happy realms

https://dhammawiki.com/index.php?title=11_benefits_to_practicing_Metta http://www.vipassana.com/meditation/facets_of_metta.php

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    Good point about the Metta practice, thanks Medhini. – user2424 Jun 27 '18 at 10:08
  • i like Metta meditation – SGN Jun 28 '18 at 10:03

When going to bed (as a Vipassana meditator) its a good idea, to try to not have a too concentrated mindfulness but instead a more general or relaxed form of mindfulness of The Four Satipatthana.

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i used to follow my belly for the inhale exhale

If you follow anapasathi meditation, Buddha said to do it by concentrating on the breath air touch in the end of your nostrils, that is a better way to do anapanasathi than concentrating on belly.. If you need more details read Anapanasati Sutta.. If your sleep was disturbed by meditation, try to chage the time you meditate, Sleep early and awake early in morning, Then your mind and body is fresh, not tired also..For anapanasathi meditation you need a empty place of sounds and other outer obstacles according to anapanasati sutta,That may be a empty hall/room or place under a tree as suitable..

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certain meditations release energy. it could be this energy is still flowing when you're in bed so you can't sleep as well.

I know a regular meditator who gets up at 4am every night because of this, then sleeps again later in the day.

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