I would like to know what is defined as "Patigha" (Skt. "Pratigha"), and how it varies from "Dosa" (Skt. "Dvesha").

Thank you.


Here are some sources:

Although on an ethical level they're synonymous, pathiga goes deeper than dosa. It's more on the level of (dormant) tendencies.


Dvesha is a base thought of sin, that means dvesha helps to give birth to sins.. Patigha is an advanced form of Dvesha,It's the same which's called as ''Wyapada'' ..If your mind has dvesha and it keeps growing towards a certain person on 9 reasons there you grows patigha on your mind..that 9 reasons are..

That person did a bad thing to me

that person will do a bad to me

that person is doing a bad to me

that person did a bad to my friend


and so on..wyapada or patigha is a more serious form of dvesha as i said above, so it is called a one of dasa akusala(one of ten sins) also..

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