I have been trying to find out the meaning and nature of Equanimity or Upeksha.

I came across this Sutta which says something about Equanimity but it is in Pali.

Can anyone please translate this Sutta from Pali to English ?


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The Pali is:

Susāne seyyaṃ kappemi, Chavaṭṭhikaṃ upanidhāyahaṃ; Gāmaṇḍalā upāgantvā, Rūpaṃ dassentinappakaṃ.

Apare gandhamālañca, bhojanaṃ vividhaṃ bahuṃ; Upāyanānūpanenti, haṭṭhā saṃviggamānasā.

Ye me dukkhaṃ upaharanti

Whatever difficulty presents itself

ye ca denti sukhaṃ mama;

Whatever comforts he is offered/Whatever happiness he offers (?)

Sabbesaṃ samako homi

Always/everywhere existing (with) the same (calmness)

dayā kopo na vijjati.

Kindness but no irritation is found

Sukhadukkhe tulābhūto

Remaining/existing/being balanced in pleasure, pain [feelings]

Yasesu ayasesu ca

Fame/success & obscurity

Sabbattha samako homi

Always/everywhere existing (with) the same (calmness)

Esā me upekkhāpāramī”ti.

That is perfect equanimity


Click on the Sutta Central link; then click on the cog wheel at the top right; active the Pali-English function; highlight the Pali & try to do the translation for yourself.

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