In What is the Buddhist point of view of the Law of Attraction?

https://buddhism.stackexchange.com/users/295/suminda-sirinath-salpitikorala says that law of attraction is part of citta niyama.

Where can I learn more about it? How come thinking about something affect the outcome that I am thinking about? I know of many ways actually. However, are there complete listings on how this come to be?

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Following is a link to the Niyama Dhammas in Wikipedia. Following is a translation from Pali Sources. Also this is a text by Ledi Sayadaw called "THE NIYAMA-DIPANI: The Manual of Cosmic Order".

If you have the power of deep Jhana and make a strong determination (which is part of the perfections) then there is a possibility that the something similar desired outcome materialises based on the power of your mind (depending how deep the absorption Samadhi is). This can be done to a more limited extent without Samadhi also as this moment influences the next as per Dependent Origination.

But this is not recommended as this may generate bad Kamma as this practice can lead to covetousness. See Kammapatha. Also such use of Samadhi will not be Samma Samashi.

Matter of clarification, these are two concepts but there are much similarities.

I hope this helps. Comment if you want more information.

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