Just yesterday my person met 'his' son, now a young man after not having seen his face for good 10 years, involved in a gender-emancipation and pseudo-liberal discussion on a social media. Now here the topic on mindfulness on body in regard of appearance and conduct has become a certain new interesting question for some.

There is a modern view that equanimity has priority here, tending to either liberality or certain crunch apporoaches, from naked with tread locks to high decorated and styled.

How does/whould a faithful follower of the Buddha, a householder appear, even in modern world?

What's the ethical aspect behind?

As one might know, the Buddha gave much into how to dress, care... even it was with rags, and not wearing clothes proper, or using wrong, it cases his Bhikkhus falling into wrong doing.

One might also remember the discussion if it would be better to use a single piece of cloth to cover ones genitals or the alms bowl, as a inspiration for reflection.

So what is actually the aspect of generosity, virture, concentration and wisdom in regard of practicing a proper appearance?

When is cloth and appearance an aspect of liberality (generousity, giving), at which point does it grow, or under which circumstances, is it a matter of virtue (holding, observing), and when and how does it become a matter of meditation an becomes wisdom (penetrating)? Penetrated, how would one be dressed, how would one appear?

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[Note: This is a gift of Dhamma and not meant for commercial purpose or other low wordily gains by means of trade and exchange.]

  • I was just curious and don't mean any offence. It seems Samana Johann is asking something pertinent but it is difficult for me to understand every time I read anything Samana Johann writes. What is "my person"? Is this some kind of attempt to speak in "ultimate reality" or something like that? Is it some Buddhist dialect that I just have never seen before? Is it just a matter of style? I am curious. I wonder if whoever voted the question down even truly knows what is being said. -Metta – Lowbrow Dec 6 '17 at 22:28
  • People experiment with things, including their clothing and appearance. Some get beyond it, most do not. You will never convince those who are stuck in their views. Look for those ready to change and help them. – user2341 Dec 18 '17 at 13:53

I would imagine so, since dressing is mentioned in 8 precepts. And 8 precepts is to promote satipatthana and to fight 5 hindrance. Lady visaka was known to have extravagant dresses and jewelry. However, she observed 8 precepts of Upasata days. I think it is one of those dhamma that can be easily self verified by observing mind (when you spend much effort to adorn yourself and days when you are just being modest in apperance). To me, when I try to look sharp, it increases feeling of self conscience (atta) more than when being modest.

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