If every bad event is because of karma, how can anyone ever murder an arhat?

Killing an Arhat (enlightened being)

is one of the ānantarika-kamma actions.


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If I remember correctly, Buddha once said that Devadatta's throwing a rock and hurting Buddha's foot was caused by Buddha's past bad karma from a previous life.

Even for Buddha's and non-returners/Arhats past karma keeps getting resolved until parinibbana.


If every bad event is because of karma, how can anyone ever murder an arhat or buddha?

Question premise might reveal an internal inconsistency - every bad event is not only caused by Kamma.

The Buddha taught that there are 5 natural laws (Niyamas), that causes physical and mental events to take place;

1. The seasonal laws (Utu-Niyama) related to temperature, seasons and other physical events

2. The biological laws (Bija-Niyama) related to seeds and physical organic order

3. The physical law (Citta-Niyama) related to the processes of consciousness, or to the nature of consciousness which recognises objects etc.

4. The Kammic law (Kamma-Niyama) related to the law of Kamma, (good deeds and bad deeds and their results)

5. The Natural laws (Dhamma-Niyama) related to certain events: the general law of cause and effect, causality conditionally and unconditionally Trying to further interpretate it will just carry over into imagination. Only a fully enlightened Buddha can know the intricate workings of kamma.

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  • My person wonders about the source and the context of this set of five. Is that known and provide able, Nyom Lanka? Weather,food, beings... is said to be a matter of given strong causes, e.g. kamma, when thinking on 1-3.
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