Maybe a challenging questions for the scholars and literary Abhidhamma-fans, with much possibilities for great merits:

  • What are the 10 sammādiṭṭhis, ten right views?

Deatal explaining of each would be a great gift of the deathlessness.

[Note: This is a gift of Dhamma and not meant for commercial purpose or other low wordily gains by means of trade and exchange.]

  • I can and want to answer your question, but there is no official list of ten sammaditthi, at least not in the Theravadin Abhidharma. If you could merely name ten sammaditthi, I can provide you with detailed explanations for each one. – Ronald Cowen Oct 28 '17 at 20:12
  • If @RonaldCowen likes to explain them in detail, great. – Samana Johann Jul 13 at 2:57

Extracted from Ten Bases of Meritorious Actions (Ten Punnakiriya-vatthus):

  1. There is a good result in an act of alms-giving, charity giving.
  2. There is benefit in veneration.
  3. There is benefit in offering gifts.
  4. There is the Law of Karma and Its Results which teaches that moral and immoral deeds have respective consequences, in this life and the next.
  5. There is benefit in tending and supporting one’s own mother, while neglecting her means an evil deed.
  6. There is benefit in tending and supporting one’s own father, while neglecting him means an evil deed.
  7. There are unseen worlds of hell, hungry ghosts, demons, devas, Sakkas and brahmas. Existence of such beings should be accepted as a fact.
  8. There is this present world.
  9. There is the next world or lives to come.
  10. There are holy persons who have subdued their thought, word and deed. There are persons with jhanic insight or concentration who see this world and the next clearly. They teach such sights, views and visions in a correct way. We should have confidence in such samanas and brahmanas.
  • This is puthujjana samma ditthi from MN 117: accesstoinsight.org/tipitaka/mn/mn.117.than.html – Dhammadhatu Nov 28 '17 at 18:50
  • @Dhammadhatu What is that supposed to mean? It's right view for anyone, isn't it? This isn't what the OP was referring to? I wonder if someone is reacting to #7 because I didn't' make this up and what was I supposed to do, leave it out? This is either the right answer or it's not, I don't understand how I could be both voted up and voted down by a sane system. The truth MATTERS but this system has leaves THE TRUTH to a schizophrenic democratic process. If this is the wrong answer then I will delete it, it's that simple. – Lowbrow Nov 28 '17 at 21:39
  • That, the answer, is a good and proper approach, deriving from right view, Sadhu! – Samana Johann Nov 29 '17 at 6:56

There is two samma ditthi. One is lokiya where one can know the four noble truths but still unaware of lokuttara samma ditthi. It's like lokiya samma ditthi is shadow of lokuttara samma ditthi. Lokiya samma ditthi is hight of impermanence, 7th in number and lokuttara samma ditthi is 8th "Unborn, Uncreated, Real, the Goal". The real eightfold path starts with ditthi of 8th. Here samma ditthi is like "The seer, the object that seen and the activity of seeing are merged and universe exist not".

Remember Buddha worked really hard to reach to Amataphala or fruit immortal, to become one with it. He said, "Monks if there is not this unborn, undecaying state , then this born, decayed individual would have no hope"

In one sentence, to union with the unborn is true goal, Nirvana.

  • It does not really answer the question on one hand and contains ideas of which seems to be mixed up from other sects, good householder. – Samana Johann yesterday
  • A true seeker never differentiate with sects, in fact listen to what others have to say, in turn not finding any good or beneficial either happiness for him or for others he reject it. A true seeker does not find happiness in the state of impermanence least it be state like God or heavenly realm. When one arrive at Unborn, he awaken that what he is percieving throw senses is like dream. And he know for sure, He is the dreamer. Then he act like dream in this world by begging, with no clinging. But those who dont awaken take the world as real.May earth will bloom again with many awaken flowers! – Nikhil Date yesterday
  • Just strange if someone with big words on unbond lives actually very bond to house, seeks there, bond on seeking. Possible united with that what is unbond? Who unites? When the 10 views get out of range without having abound all, then things can run out very strange. – Samana Johann 20 hours ago
  • A man of knowledge need not any outward mark. What uses are of matted locks, shaven head, begging round, torn robes unless he see it not. Many are arhant here born as householders in India as Kabir, Nanak, Tukaram, Namdev, Mira, Ravidas. They never praise life of recluse or that of householder. They are awakened. Remember one thing, those who awake from dream, wherever they are, they know it's a dream. But still monk with knowledge is higher than others. – Nikhil Date 17 hours ago
  • Self is error. We are one family. Awakened never differentiate living beings, they love all.They help poor and depressed as their own self. You and I is also error. Hard it is to know, that if you help someone, you are helping yourself. For some Buddhist teachings of Buddha is barren metaphysics, for some deliberate escape from world, for some puffed up logic, for some selfish isolation, for some systematic repression of every impulse of heart. This is a question on which no two followers of the Buddha agree. Peace, justice, liberty, equality are nothing one find in Buddha's message? Strange! – Nikhil Date 17 hours ago

Thank you for the answer! There are two levels of Samma Ditthi (right view). One is the puthujjana (ordinary life) samma ditthi and the other is the lokuttara samma ditthi (with direct aim to realize Nibbana i.e. understanding the Four Noble Truths). First we have to begin with practising the puthujjana samma ditthi to shed the more coarse defilements of the mind, and then we can more easily make progress with the lokuttara samma ditthi (understanding of the Four Noble Truths). May you realize Nibbana! Sadhu!

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