I was watching this YouTube Video about the The Buddha And The Beggar

My question as mentioned in the comment of that video is why is that the beggar can have only 8 items in the possessions and what are those 8 items?

One of the commentator mentioned that the story in thai its 8/100 (eight-one-hundred). It,s not 8 items and the other mentioned that it has something to do with the The Eightfold Path. I have a fair understanding of The Noble Eightfold Path but I do not understand it's relation to my original question.

Can anyone shed more light here? What am I missing here? If there is no relation then what is the answer to my original question?


Presumably the "8 requisites" of a monk, i.e. the 8 items that a monk is allowed and needs: 3 robes, an alms bowl, a waistband, a razor, a sewing kit and a water strainer.


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