As i've seen in hindhism their are lot of written things in hindu scriptures that a person or gods used to travel in different universes and time. But is their any mention of such powers in buddhism also? Where it is mentioned that a meditator has traveled time and to different worlds? Is this possible to do this two things physically or its just mentally possible?

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One Sutta which such reference occur is Rohitassa Sutta.

Rohitassa’s astral journey

Once in the past, venerable sir, I was a seer named Rohitassa Bhoja,putta [son of Bhoja], possessed of spiritual power, able to travel through the sky [space]. My speed was such, venerable sir, that I could move just as fast as an archer with a strong bow, trained, skillful, well-practised, experienced, could easily shoot past the shadow of a palmyra tree with a light arrow.

My stride was such, venerable sir, that it spanned the eastern ocean and the western ocean. Then, venerable sir, the wish arose in me, ‘I will reach the end of the world by going.’

Possessing such speed and such a stride, and having a lifespan of a hundred years, without pausing except to eat, drink, take meals and snacks, to void and pee, to sleep and dispel tiredness. Yet I died along the way without reaching the end of the world.

It is wonderful, venerable sir! It is amazing, venerable sir! How well this was stated by the Blessed One: ‘As to that end of the world, friend, where one is not born, does not age, does not die, does not pass away, does not arise—it cannot be known, seen or reached by going, I say.’”

Moral story of this is that space travel is not a way to find a way out of unsatisfactoriness and you would be dead before you real such goal through space exploration.

Also such references are found in the Abhidhamma. More on this see this answer and others.


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