I've read the book Makers of Modern Korean Buddhism, and it was really interesting to read about the recent history of Buddhism, in Korea. And there's quite a few books on how Buddhism came to America etc.. And I have a few biographies of important monks. And I've read a bit about Bodhidharma, ch'an history in China, Tibetan dissemination, and the like.

But is there any other scholarship, like the book on Korea above, I can read about recent Buddhist history, rather than personalities, today?


The Broken Buddha isn't exactly a history -- more of a snapshot, a description, an account of the author's personal experiences -- his description of people he met and their attitudes and behaviours which he saw ... not about "personalities", in that the people he describes are unnamed or not famous.

Seven Years in Tibet is history (ending in 1950) -- but by a non-Buddhist, and more about the culture, society, geography and politics of Tibet at the time, than about Buddhism.

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I found this helpful. Not sure if this is the direction you were seeking or if it's too general.


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