What is the proper Pali word for Buddha's power of seeing other beings mind? I think it starts with Paricitta or something. I want the proper Pali term. Also, can I have any sutta references to it as well?

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Katamañca, kevaṭṭa, ādesa­nā­pā­ṭihā­ri­yaṃ? Idha, kevaṭṭa, bhikkhu parasattānaṃ parapuggalānaṃ cittampi ādisati, cetasikampi ādisati, vitakkitampi ādisati, vicāritampi ādisati: ‘evampi te mano, itthampi te mano, itipi te cittan’ti.

And what is the miracle of telepathy? There is the case where a monk reads the minds, the mental events, the thoughts, the ponderings of other beings, other individuals, [saying,] 'Such is your thinking, here is where your thinking is, thus is your mind.'

Kevatta (Kevaddha) Sutta

ādesanā = pointing out, guessing, prophesy; only in phrase -pāṭihāriya trick or marvellous ability of mind-reading or guessing other peoples character

Parasattānaṃ parapuggalānaṃ cetasā ceto paricca pajānāti

He knows the mind of other beings, other individuals, having encompassed it with his own mind.

Kayagata-Sati Sutta

paricca = distinguished or understood

pajānāti = knows clearly

para = other

sattānaṃ = beings'

puggalānaṃ = persons

cetasā = minds

ceto = mind

Hinduism: para citta ādi abhijñatā: knowing the minds of others


The word you are looking for is para citta vijana nana


I.e., knowledge of another's mind.

This is also known as ceto pariya ñāṇa.

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