Ven. members of the Sangha coming accross here,

Valued Upāsaka, Upāsikā,

Valued team here and for awakening searching readers,

Just this moment my person came up this thought again and afterwards "Why not ask on Bu-SE":

Obiviously is developing muditā (sympatic/appreciative joy) merely a unbeloved practice in modern wourld especially on internet.

Does anybody not only know but even likes to share the merits of places dedicated to share merits (puñña) and also invites others and takes part on merits of others?

If you think that you are already a Yogi and beyound of such, you may consider:

"Without abandoning these five qualities, one is incapable of entering & remaining in the second jhana... the third jhana ... the fourth jhana; incapable of realizing the fruit of stream-entry... the fruit of once-returning... the fruit of non-returning... arahantship. Which five? Stinginess as to one's monastery [lodgings]... one's family [of supporters]... one's gains... one's status, and stinginess as to the Dhamma. ― AN 5.257-263

What are the places you know, where "Transference of Merit"(Pattānuppadāna) and "Rejoicing in otherʼs Merit" (Abbhanumodana) are not poor cousins?

Links as well, if inspired, some personal descriptions, maybe recalling some of others good deeds or own joy, are conductive.

May the question and its answeres here be an answer by it self.


(Note: Practicing here and now, while answering is very useful for one self and all other)

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I would recommend Discourse Suttacentral.

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  • Also this is not a place where merits and sharing them are really practiced. Of course you can delete this commentar, like you are used to delighting in gains for the world, Lanka. – Samana Johann May 8 '17 at 4:50
  • LomX, why would you recomment. Maybe my person does not really see such as delight in merits and that of other. So maybe you like to show some samples of it. – Samana Johann May 8 '17 at 4:54
  • I'm not sure with what you considered as a place to share some merits but, all i know is that a place to discuss and sharing dhamma is a place where you can share dhamma-dana. Unlike other forums, suttacentral is Sutta and Meditation practitioner nest. But if you want to me to delete the comment, I'll be glad to, Samana Johann. – LomX May 8 '17 at 6:13
  • No, LomX. If you can see such as delight in sacrify, letting go and giving, delight in sharing such deeds and delight in approving and joy with others neritious deeds, than it's a good answer for those who see it in the same amount. As for my person, he can only see joy in gaining and approval and joy in demeritious deeds, feeding each others with hunts without really having or maintaining an object worthy to let go and give. But as told, maybe my person does not see Sadhu, Anumodana, mudita and Namo tassa..., right view and gratitude as a dominance. Nobody gains the path by meditation, LomX. – Samana Johann May 8 '17 at 6:29

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