Does anyone know of any good Asubha sites? Am interested in suitable objects for contemplation for the overcoming of lust.

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I think these might be helpful:



I found it more helpful in daily life to be more aware of and look more at old people. I find it also develops helps develop a sense of respect towards fellow humans around. Old people are worthy objects of respect.

No need then for so much blood and gore. Or I have not seen the advantage of it.

I think it all depends from where one works. A sense awareness that there is the same awareness in the object, being bound to this existence, growing old, sick and dying, from my experience, is a very powerful support. More than looking at dead bodies.

Might be different for others.

After that one incident, where I looked at a woman like this, because "fallen in love", could not maintain such enamoured state, because somehow it was demeaning, my thought was I wanted to disappear into the forest and only look at my own mind, to find freedom.

Then looking at any woman at all I was not inclined to have any sexually motivated perception or fantasy anymore for months on end. Feeling very light and freed.

So, this sense, that we are all imprisoned here, going to die. Developing this at the "living object", developes some kind of compassion that one would not be able to have sexual thoughts about this.

Perhaps a bit gone of-topic, because just I find some other ways to be more useful.

Just some not so professional ideas. Hope it may help.



See and memorize dissected cadavers. Blood filled bodies after accidents. Imaginate the stools and think that they from inside the body are good points.

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